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Talk to a doctor about your test results with LUCIRA® Connect

LUCIRA® Connect is a web-based digital platform that keeps you supported after testing with options to help you connect with your healthcare provider or, if needed, to a range of available telehealth services. You can create a shareable digital record of your test to send to your healthcare provider,* connect to useful information about COVID-19 and flu, and find links to telehealth services to discuss care or treatment options if your healthcare provider is not available. The telehealth options provided are neither owned nor operated by Pfizer, nor is Pfizer responsible for the content or services of these sites.

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can help you:

  • Create a shareable digital record of your test
  • Find helpful information on COVID-19 and the flu
  • Connect to a telehealth service*

LUCIRA® Connect provides you options to pursue an appropriate care or treatment plan with a healthcare provider, with shareable testing records to send to your personal doctor, or links to available telehealth services to connect with a doctor from the comfort of home.*

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*Telehealth options offered through LUCIRA® Connect are neither owned nor operated by Pfizer, Inc. None of the information provided by consumers on LUCIRA® Connect is collected or sent to Pfizer or any third party.

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